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JackGems JackGems JackGems
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JackGems are a luxury tech accessory for smart phones and tablets. Jewelry for your phone! This Swarovski crystal-encrusted plug adds flair to a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Made with genuine Swarovski crystals, it fits into the headphone jack. You can personalize your phone with your favorite color and sparkle!

We only have a limited supply, so snap up a couple today!

-Fits any universal 3.5mm phone jack on new smartphones
-For use in most cell phones, laptops and tablets like the iPhone, iPod, MacBook, Android, iPad, Blackberry and more
-Use caution with use in Blackberry-side jack and iPod-bottom jack
-NOT for use with iPod Shuffle and the Samsung Galaxy
-Some devices may not be compatible
-Made with genuine Swarovski crystals
-Does not activate the sound mechanism
-It will protect the jack from dust and dirt when you're not using your headphones
-You can talk on the phone with the handset while the JackGem is installed

Secret sale! Regularly $20. Now only $8!

Materials: Swarovski Crystal
Dimensions: 1 inch

Colors available: Champagne, Cherry, Fuchsia, Grass, Indigo, Lemon, Red White & Blue, Sapphire
Price: $8.00

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