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  About Kirsten and Objets

As an academic overachiever, Kirsten Goede breezed through undergrad in just 3.5 years and studied abroad before earning her MFA from Boston University. After making a name for herself as a graphic designer, Kirsten redirected her talents to pursue a lifelong passion: jewelry design. Inspired by the brilliance of Swarovski, Kirsten designs modern crystal jewelry for stylish women.

Our Style
This jewelry line is feminine, colorful and original. We think of it as everyday luxury. The pieces are trend-setting and yet classic. The modern designs showcase the faceted beauty and sparkle of Swarovski crystals. Women feel pretty wearing Objets jewelry. That's our greatest wish for our Objets customers.

The Name
Objets d'Envy is a play on the French phrase objets d’art...an art history term for a "small work of decorative art, often rare and beautiful." An Objet d'Envy is a rare, decorative piece of jewelry to be admired and envied.

The name is French(ish) so the pronunciation is: ohb-jay don-vee
Objects de Envy works too!

Made with Care
Objets jewelry is hand made with the utmost care and thoughtful design. Each piece is designed by Kirsten personally. All our jewelry is handcrafted in our Chicago studio. The production method requires great attention to detail and an expert hand. That's why our jewelry is so special. The makers mark is a small circle tag that we hand stamp with our logo. It is an assurance of authenticity and quality.

Swarovski Quality
Swarovski is the world's finest crystal. The secret to their quality is highly guarded, but it includes quartz sand that is melted, mixed, pressed and precisely cut. Kirsten is inspired by the unmatched beauty and uniqueness of Swarovski crystals. We only use the best materials to set the crystals: sterling silver and 14k gold-fill. We do not use silver- or gold-plated metals.

The Objets Manifesto
We launched in 2004. We've learned a few things! We love sparkle. Our customers rock! Jewelry is fun.

Objets Manifesto