The Essential Crib Sheet to Help Any Man Buy Jewelry for his Wife
12 things that you already know that will tell you how to buy
the perfect piece of jewelry for your wife

Jewelry is a mysterious thing to most men. It is a favorite thing of most women.
If a man buys a thoughtful piece of jewelry for his wife, she'll feel special and loved.
He'll be a hero!

Choosing the perfect piece of jewelry doesn't have to be a monumental task.
Jewelry designer Kirsten Goede shares 12 easy tips that she's learned from
5 years of watching women shop for jewelry. These are things you already know.
No heavy thinking required!
The Tips:
1. What color are her eyes? Buy her green earrings to match her "gorgeous green eyes."

2. Everyone has a favorite color. If she loves purple, choose a purple pendant necklace.

3. Many women prefer silver or gold. Think back to the wedding ring you chose for her.
Was it platinum? Then she's a silver fan. Was it gold? Then she's a golden girl.

4. Jewelry? What jewelry? If you have no memory of what type of jewelry she wears,
it's possible that she doesn't wear much. In that case, select a small, simple necklace.

5. Does she talk with her hands? Is there a sound that goes with that? A little clinking
means she wears bangles or bracelets. Buy her another one to add to her "collection."

6. Is she petite? Buy a petite'll match her proportion.

7. Make it personal. Buy her an initial necklace. Or something with her birthstone.

8. Do you know the word "fashionista?" Then she is one. Buy a very long necklace
or a cluster-y necklace. Both are "statement" pieces. Very on trend.

9. Have a daughter? Buy mom and daughter each a piece of jewelry. A matching set is sweet.

10. Match her hair length. Long dangly earrings for long hair. Short earrings for short hair.

11. Go opposite with her hair color. Light-colored earrings show up better against dark hair.
Dark earrings look great on blondes.

12. Hoop it up. Everyone loves hoops. But choose an embellished or bejeweled pair.
Most women already have a plain pair.